Cowtown Bowling Palace is Fort Worth's Best Bowling Alley!

Bowling Is America’s #1 Participation Activity with over 70 million people bowling each year. Cowtown Bowling Palace is dedicated to providing the BEST ENTERTAINMENT VALUE in Fort Worth. Our modern bowling center has kid friendly bumper bowling lanes available too. We also have plenty of lightweight bowling balls and small shoes for kids.

Whether you’re looking just to bowl a couple games by yourself, an outing with friends and family or you want to join a bowling league, Cowtown Bowling Palace the place to be.

For open bowing times call (817) 624-2151.

Bumpers & Light Bowling Balls

We love for everyone to have fun so we offer bumpers for the little ones. Bumpers are sensitive machinery that can be easily broken with too much force. This also true for our six pound balls. Because of this we have a height limit in place to make sure that the bumpers and light balls remain available for kids. We offer bumpers for children less than 52″ tall; or children/adults with special needs. When using bumpers, we require the use of lighter weight six lb. bowling balls. We are aware that we have customers who wish our bumpers could be used by all bowlers. Unfortunately, if we allowed this, we would have lanes with no working bumpers and thus have to tell parents with small children they were not available. We have decided this is not an acceptable option.

If you have kids who seem to be getting a lot of gutter balls, ask our staff for some free coaching advice to help get you rolling down the middle!

Open Bowling Times

Monday: 9am – Midnight
Tuesday: 9am – Midnight
Wednesday: 9am – Midnight
Thursday: 9am – Midnight
Friday: 9am – 1am
Saturday: 9am – 1am
Sunday: 9am -Midnight (except when it is a holiday that day or the next day)

Open Bowling Rates

Monday and Thursday: 9 am - 3 pm: 2 hours of bowling for $8/person includes shoe rental

Tuesday and Wednesday: 9 am - 3:30 pm: 2 hours of bowling for $8/person includes shoe rental

Friday: 9 am - 5 pm: 2 hours of bowling for $8/person includes shoe rental

Monday - Thursday: 9 pm - Close 2 hours of bowling for $8/person includes shoe rental